About Steve

Steve has been in the conservatory and window installation industry for a few years now.   Now, in a new turn of career, Steve has joined RPS RoofWright, the conservatory software people, and wants to share with you some of the knowledge that he gained in those years.

With experience of training, surveying, installations, fitting, remedials, operations and management there is not much Steve does not know about the industry.

  1. Thanks Steve.

    Interesting information.. much common sense that’s frequently not followed.

    After 32 years in the industry I keep thinking I’ve seen and heard it all, until I see another bodge job or hear a client say ‘nobody else has said I can’t do that’ or ‘I’ve been told I can’t do that’ or the classic ‘Everyone else said No Problem!’

    Of course, it never is a problem for the sales rep (oops sorry, we’re in the conservatory business… I mean ‘Designer’), it’s a problem left for the surveyor/company to sort out!

    Cheers, Paul (Richmond Oak)

    • Steve Williams says:

      Hi Paul

      Thanks for your comments

      I think the answer is, if anybody is unsure of anything always check first.

      The site was designed for sharing of knowledge and experience across the industry, highlighting any pitfalls that can be presented, along with sharing as much information as we can across the industry.

      Obviously the more people that view and subscribe to the blog, the more information we can share with everybody, the better for all.

  2. Nice blog, nice layout, clear and concise information. Very informative well done! Looking forward to reading your posts.
    Bernard, Multifoil, Holland

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