If you’re not you should be! ………… What’s more you can, quite easily!

This article isn’t about the different sales techniques you use. It’s about the tools you must have to do the job.

You wouldn’t send a bricklayer out to lay bricks without a trowel!,  or an electrician out to change a plug socket without a screwdriver,  So why send your sales representatives out on a lead that’s already cost you a lot of money, without the tools he needs to successfully convert your valuable lead into a sale? It just wouldn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could improve ten important things in your sales business?

You’re going to be pleased when I explain what tools you need and how that will dramatically increase your sales success…… I’ve split this article into 3 parts so let’s have look at what you need to ensure higher volume profitable sales results.

 Part 1.  Ten improvements you would like to see in your sales business are:-

  1. Improve and incrrease your sales orders – Customers without any shadow of doubt get emotionally committed to buy when they see their dream conservatory superimposed onto a photograph of their house. Customers no longer buy from someone who draws a stick line sketch on paper.
  2. Improve and incrrease your average sales order value – Customers in general are willing to pay more for a product after a professional 3D Visual sales presentation showing the sales rep and the company in high esteem.
  3. Improve your conversion rates – Good quality leads are hard to generate and aren’t cheap, don’t waste them. In providing a high class sales presentation you will increase your conversion rates and sell more, earn more commission and increase your company profits 
  4. Improve your profits – Increase your profits by professionally designing the customers dream design very quickly and accurately along with it being costed correctly, providing the high level professional presentation your customers expect and deserve.
  5. Improve your margins – Having the ability to accurately price the customers desired design, protecting you’re margins and profits at all times is a must. Gone are the money free good old days of throwing a figure at aspects of work you are unsure of how to cost. An expensive guess and you don’t get the job. A cheap guess and you lose any profits on a job.To consistently sell with the right margins you need to be able to accurately work from buying in prices and mark up to your sales price on a cost plus basis, protecting your margins and profits.
  6. Improve your customer satisfaction – Greater customer confidence brings customer satisfaction in the professionalism of the sales representative and company with a design which includes all of their desires and specific requirements which is shown clearly on 3D visuals and associated sales prints and paperwork.
  7. Improve and incrrease your leads by customer recommendations – A highly satisfied customer will gladly recommend you if you have given them a high quality presentation followed by a trouble free survey and installation, fulfilling their highest expectations, especially when you offer them recommendation bonuses or vouchers.
  8. Improve your customer understanding of the sale – Remember customer disputes normally cost companies a lot of money and quite often they are caused by ambiguity in the sale or the customer not understanding all aspects of the sale. The customer will fully understand all aspects of the sale due to the concise nature of the 3D visuals and sales print outs
  9. Improve and incrrease your in house office profitability – By fast concise productive transfer of accurately designed and priced orders from point of sale through survey and ordering to manufacture. Nearly all errors occur in transfer of orders and are caused by human error in the manually filling in of orders or calculations and mistakes with the pen.
  10. Improve your professionalism of the sale – To do this, as I stated earlier you need to use a top end, easy to use sales friendly software design and costing package. Nearly all customers expect this type of 3D visual presentation. Get up to speed, confidently use the software and learn how to produce the ‘wow’ factor for the customer using all of the software’s power and imagery. Your confidence in using the software will put the customer at ease and increase your professionalism.Don’t be one of the statistics that people talk about by saying “he used to be a really good sales rep” because you won’t change with the times. Very quickly you will become excess baggage to a company not converting leads into sales, still using a presentation which has become old hat and not as professional as your competitors. Gone are the days of drawing pencil sketches and scratching your head working out sales prices with a calculator.

I started in the industry 30 years ago, when a quill, inkpot and logerithm tables were modern tools, I think Noah was still a sea cadet back then.

I had to adapt and move forward with modern technology. At the time I used to think I could never change to use all these fancy new systems. In the beginning I couldn’t see why the change was necessary, but I was suprised how I easily I adapted to the changes in technology, It wasn’t that difficult when I put my mind to it. One things for sure it certainly paid its dividends for me.

                    ” Move with the times learn to use the latest tools of the trade!”

Key your eye open for part 2 where I will look at 10 things you would like to reduce in your business


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