Several years ago I spent a lot of time training and setting up sales software for Conservatories, Orangeries and Window and Door sales forces. One of the things that became immediately apparent was that sales reps struggled with their customers to sit at ease and view a laptop screen and they struggled with the viewing angles and light issues on laptop screens and always seemed to be uncomfortably huddled together around the laptop.

Customers have to feel at ease with the sales environment and to overcome this was easy in showrooms

I introduced lcd television screens linked to the sales laptops where the customers could sit back in comfort and view their dream conservatory being designed and then super imposed onto a photograph of their house. The added advantage was that the sales rep could also see the customer’s faces whilst designing on the laptop and was able to read their body language and cater for their expectations in his sales design process far easier when the laptop and lcd television screen where positioned correctly.

“Customers become emotionally committed to buy when they see their dream conservatory superimposed on their house”

It remained an issue in the customer’s houses unless the sales rep carried an lcd monitor with him and linked that to his laptop, but this was cumbersome and took a time to set up.

Things have moved on since then with the introduction of iPads and now you can mirror your laptop screen on an iPad screen

Dave Blakeman the managing director at RoofWright has published a very helpful step by step guide to linking your laptop to an iPad and mirroring the laptop screen on to an iPad allowing customers to sit in comfort viewing the iPad screen and actually be able to become more interactive with the sales design process by allowing them to rotate the design using the iPad.

Visit and find out how set up your laptop screen to be mirrored on an iPad along with a vast array of hints and tips free tutorials and on Conservatories, Orangeries, Windows and Doors.


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