In Part 1 of this article I talked about the 10 things you would like to improve in your sales business.

Following on, Part 2 will help you reduce those costly, frustrating, profit draining parts of your sales business that I know you will not be happy with. I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, but I’ve always found it helps to get a little reminder to jog the old grey matter into seeing what you may be missing and how you can improve certain areas.

Quite often, when you are in a high pressure environment with lots going on it is difficult to see what to do for the best. We sometimes loose our way a little, I know it happens to me at times and it can be a breath of fresh air when someone looks from outside the goldfish bowl with a unpressurised  view and gives us some pointers. I’m the first one to thank them for showing me things I couldn’t see for looking. Even if you only pick up on one thing it will have been worth while listening.

I’ll bet the top ten reductions you would like to see in your business are…

1.    Reduce cancellations You will always get a percentage of cancellations for one reason or another, buyer’s remorse etc. One thing’s for certain, you’ll get less customer cancellations if you’ve instilled a high level of confidence in your customer along with increased customer satisfaction of the sale through a professional sales presentation.

2.    Reduce sales errors Look at the complexity of modern day Conservatory and Orangery designs and building works that take place in the industry today. It’s very easy to miss important parts of the order or costings. There’s no need for that to happen due to the simplistic nature of user friendly software that will bring accuracy to the design and costing elements of a sale.

3.    Reduce objections to the sale Objections to a sale are seen by some as the customer being really interested and the user friendly nature of any good sales software program will cater for all the customer desires and design requirements and help you overcome many objections. Some objections occur as a result of  an unconvincing sales presentation.  Good 3D Visual software will help you reduce objections to a sale based on the fact that you will have provided a more professional sales presentation.

4.    Reduce discounts you have to offer It is an established fact that most customers don’t always believe the prices and discounts you have worked out for them using a pen and calculator and still think that you are not giving them your best prices and highest discounts. In general customers will haggle less with a price that appears on a screen that is a computer generated and computer discounted. Customers believe a computer screened price to be accurate and true.

5.    Reduce under costings I am sure at some time or another you will have all mistakenly read the wrong size from a roof price matrix or base price matrix and under costed a job.  This really is a thing of the past. When good sales software has all the accurate up to date company prices input. It would be impossible to under cost any part of the sale. Bye, Bye under costings

6.    Reduce commission claw backs Every sales reps nightmare. The brown envelope at the end of the month, clawing back your hard earned commission. I think the last paragraph pretty much covers this. If the design is costed correctly there would be no under costs,  there would be no brown envelopes containing demotivating expensive commission claw backs, leading to highly enthused  sales reps, hence more sales.

7.    Reduce sales and survey related disputes This area has always caused great animosity between sales and survey and there is absolutely no need of it in today’s computerised world. All aspects of the sale, design and cost can be covered by the 3D visuals with accurate computer generated design reports, sales documents and costing reports.  Software can easily eliminate all aspects of sales and survey related disputes.

8.    Reduce customer ambiguity of designs and contracts The Company and the customer have exactly the same accurate computer generated design drawings covering all aspects of the sale including, frame design, roof design, colours, glazing, bevels etc. Along with base works drawings and full schedules of works and costings to be carried out as part of the contract.

9.    Reduce survey errorsThere would be no discrepancy or ambiguity between the sales man, customer, or surveyor due to accuracy of computer aided sales and survey prints. That’s the end of survey specific, design and colour errors. No manual calculations of any costs, heights, lengths, angles, frame sizes or door pocket clearances, box gutter deductions etc. The roof would always accurately fit the frames and fit the base, and all would be accurately costed. Everybody would be singing off the same hymn sheet.

10. Reduce order processing errors The main cause of order processing errors is human error in the manual copying and transferring of information. Accurate computer generated drawing files emailed from sale, to survey, through to the order processing department and then emailed to the manufacturing department without any necessity for manual copying of orders will alleviate processing errors.

Have you worked out what you have to do for your company to get the best out of each individual lead and reap the rewards in this torrid climate yet?

The answer really is quite simple………….Don’t miss Part 3 of this article to see how


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