Here we go the final part 3 of the article where it all makes sense

The answer really is quite simple………….

It might sound a bit blasé, but the answer really is that simple!……. You have to use the markets leading user-friendly conservatory and orangery sales, survey and ordering software.

Gone are the days where potential customers will spend 10, 20, 30, maybe 40k or more based on a simple lined sketch drawn on the back of a cigarette packet. With more and more customers using the internet they have become more knowledgeable about the designs they desire and the price range of that design. The majority of customers know that 3D design imagery is available and will expect to see you using it as a fundamental part of the service you provide and if you don’t provide that professional service, another company will and what’s more they’ll win the sale!

Can you really afford not to use an industry leading, result proven, software package and leave other companies to sweep up the business that’s out there?  Especially when the very precious leads, you’ve worked so hard to get fail to be converted into sales. I don’t think so!

Take a look at the short introduction video clip below


The monthly cost of renting the software would be covered tenfold with just one sale per month. It would be miniscule investment in terms of clean profitable business you would write, commission you would earn, and money you would save in not having commission deductions through sales errors.

“It has to be the best low-cost investment with the highest returns you will ever make!”

The facts speak for themselves and after a very short time companies using  RoofWright  the industry leading conservatory and orangery user-friendly sales software have seen the following benefits.

It’s not me saying this. It’s the hundreds of happy profit-making professional sales companies and thousands of their sales reps that are saying it.

  • Faster training to first sale along with less time required to train sales forces due to the user-friendly nature of the software.
  • Less training on the design technicalities allowing for more training on the sales techniques as the software takes care of the technical issues
  • It will pay for itself in no time.
  • It will be the best business investment you make with low investment and high rewards.
  • Increased sales.
  • Increase in average order value.
  • Increased conversion rate.
  • Less cancellations.
  • Fewer objections to the sale.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction of the sales process.
  • Customer participation in the design.
  • Greater customer confidence in the professionalism of the sales company and its representative.
  • Better customer understanding of designs – less disputes.
  • Increase clarity and customer awareness of their dream design eliminating any ambiguity by precise confirmation of the orders.
  • More happy customers – more recommendations  – more sales – more profit.
  • Price presentation and justification.
  • Increased Sales representative confidence.
  • Increased Sales representative motivation.
  • Less Sales errors – protecting margins and profit reducing commission claw backs.
  • Less ambiguity of designs and orders.
  • Contract and costing sheet consolidation (items ticked on the contract will match on the costing sheet)
  • Reduce the ambiguity in orders of colours, sizes, designs, door designs and positions, window and vent designs and positions, Bevel designs and colours, roof glazing types and colours Reduce order errors again by superior order clarity.
  • Produce instant accurate Base plans, Roof plans and Frame plan layouts.
  • Accurate designs and sizes produce accurate pricing for sales and ordering.
  • Reduce different interpretations of orders with Salesmen and Surveyors by creating clear concise orders and drawings.
  • Less survey errors – protecting margins and profit.
  • Higher in-house, office productivity and efficiency.
  • Less paperwork, printing and easier product updates.
  • Reduce your order input errors by not having to manually copy orders.
  • Enjoy the first class help desk support for complete sales to survey and ordering enabling end to end pipeline management.


As you know, I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, I don’t know everything and I’m seeing new things every day. Things have changed dramatically over that period and I’ve had to change with the new innovations that have come into being. The one thing I can tell you is the people who have changed with the times are reaping the rewards.

A lot of the dinosaurs in industry that didn’t change have now ceased to be in the industry and have become extinct. Don’t become one of the statistics that was. Take a tip off me, make a decision and help yourself. Instantly increase your sales, your profits and your earnings.

The longer you are without RoofWright  Conservatory & Orangery software the more business you are throwing away, time is of the essence. Can you really afford to lose sales ?

To find out more and get your free trial visit  http://www.roofwright.com/


  1. H says:

    Steve , great article cannot add anything to this , looking forward to the next one . H

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