Over the years in the double glazing industry one thing I have really looked forward to and enjoyed was the annual day out with colleagues at the industry trade shows in the NEC Birmingham such as Glassex and then Interbuild.

Without doubt in the early years Glassex was the best trade show around and you could get a preview of the latest industry innovations coupled with meeting people who have the same enthusiasm for the industry. It was without doubt a good day out, where you could see new products, meet suppliers and build business relations with companies. Sad times for us all, when it shrank, year on year and eventually died a death.

A small amount of double glazing exhibitors then showed at Interbuild which was more of a   construction show than a double glazing exhibition. It was like as if they had nowhere else to exhibit their products. The double glazing side of the exhibition was quite limited with not that many   exhibiters attending. At Interbuild you could see all the things you were interested in an hour or so, whereas back in the day you could spend all day in Glassex and still not cover it all.

As I said happy days are here again! A brand new Trade Show has been launched..

I was really excited when I heard that two industry acquaintances, Matthew Glover and Paul Godwin are launching a new national window, door and conservatory trade show.

Matthew ran a survey to see if the industry wanted a double glazing exhibition and the response was an overwhelming, yes! And what’s more everybody is enthused and willing to support it.

Matthew reported

 “This will be a big show encompassing lots of relevant exhibitors, a comprehensive seminar programme, innovative features, planned evening entertainment and networking opportunities”

One thing I can say is that with Matthew and Paul at the helm I am sure the show will be a dazzling industry success. It’s just what the industry needs with all the talk of doom, gloom and despondency. Both know exactly how the industry ticks and have a wealth of knowledge and experience under their belts, with an army of followers to call on if required.

************    It’s called the “Fabricator, Installer, Trade Show   *************

Or The

*****************************        FIT Show            *****************************

It will be held at the                  International Centre at Telford       on 16-18 April 2013.

Or see more at                     http://renegadeconservatoryguy.co.uk/

or                                               http://www.fitshow.co.uk/

From me it’s a big thank you, I’ll be there and I’m really looking forward to the show, everybody I speak to is of the same opinion.

It will be like a breath of fresh air…. just what we need.

Well done lads!

  1. jtwigge says:

    It s going to be good ! Everyone is going to be there 🙂

  2. Thanks Steve for your kind words. We’ve had a very good start in getting exhibitors on board. Our research suggests that the industry wants a ‘BIG SHOW’ so if we get the support from enough exhibitors then everyone certainly will be going 🙂

    Would appreciate a link from your blogroll to the FIT Show website if you’ve got room for it 🙂

  3. Well we’re hoping to make it for 2013!

    • Knowing Matthew Glover and his team and the way he approaches things with his attention to detail. I am sure the show will be 100% successful and will provide a much needed trade show designed around the industry needs.

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