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The Survey of a Conservatory or Orangery contract is the one element that can make or break a contract. It is the single area that can cause the financial catastrophe of a contract if it is not carried out accurately.

Over the next few posts I will be outlining a survey procedure that is a tried and trusted, unbeaten process that I have used very successfully during many years of surveying myself. I have further tweaked this procedure when I have trained and managed surveyors. This reliable process could be easily modified to suit your company specific company requirements.

I have split the procedure up into three areas, Check, Confirm and Complete. This post will deal with the first part of the survey procedure which is headed, “Check”

If the procedures I have laid out below are followed, your survey process will undoubtedly cut down sales and survey errors and subsequently eliminate any financial loss to your company allowing your surveyors to carry out a professional survey and ensure the successful profitable installation of a conservatory contract (more…)


There has been a lot of talk in the industry on whether or not the rule below has been relaxed for exemption of building regulations

“A conservatory has not less than three-quarters of the area of its roof and not less than half the area of its external walls made of translucent material”

I can tell you categorically that some people are saying it has been relaxed in their areas around the country and have had clarification of that from their respective building control departments.

Do you know if the rules have been relaxed or changed in your area?

Today I have emailed my local building control department for clarification (more…)