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Customer Care is how a business looks after its customers. This includes everything from the moment a customer makes contact with your business, at point of sale, during the provision and installation of goods and after sales care.

For a long time this has been a major bone of contention for me, and over the years as an Operations Manager I have suffered the wrath of a couple of customers due to bad levels of service and customer care. And to be honest, sometimes I’ve deserved it, most of the time it’s because somebody in the organisation has failed to keep a promise they made to that customer. The main one is not phoning the customer back or not keeping him fully informed especially if there is an installation problem or time issue.

If you only pick up on one thing in this article it will improve your customer care……. (more…)


In Part 1 of this article I talked about the 10 things you would like to improve in your sales business.

Following on, Part 2 will help you reduce those costly, frustrating, profit draining parts of your sales business that I know you will not be happy with. I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, but I’ve always found it helps to get a little reminder to jog the old grey matter into seeing what you may be missing and how you can improve certain areas.

Quite often, when you are in a high pressure environment with lots going on it is difficult to see what to do for the best. We sometimes loose our way a little, I know it happens to me at times and it can be a breath of fresh air when someone looks from outside the goldfish bowl with a unpressurised  view and gives us some pointers. I’m the first one to thank them for showing me things I couldn’t see for looking. Even if you only pick up on one thing it will have been worth while listening.

I’ll bet the top ten reductions you would like to see in your business are… (more…)

If you’re not you should be! ………… What’s more you can, quite easily!

This article isn’t about the different sales techniques you use. It’s about the tools you must have to do the job.

You wouldn’t send a bricklayer out to lay bricks without a trowel!,  or an electrician out to change a plug socket without a screwdriver,  So why send your sales representatives out on a lead that’s already cost you a lot of money, without the tools he needs to successfully convert your valuable lead into a sale? It just wouldn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could improve ten important things in your sales business?

You’re going to be pleased when I explain what tools you need and how that will dramatically increase your sales success…… I’ve split this article into 3 parts so let’s have look at what you need to ensure higher volume profitable sales results.

 Part 1.  Ten improvements you would like to see in your sales business are:- (more…)

This article may appear long winded, but do surveyors really understand all the consents which could be required for a conservatory installation, it’s not only planning consents that are required. The laws are there to protect us all! Would you like to be prosecuted and on top of it all loose a fortune. Would you like to live next to an eyesore!

The majority of the general public are under the impression that you don’t need planning for a conservatory, but it is not only the planning consents you need to look at.

You need to remember that these consents are law and if ignored can mean,  at best the headache of applying for retrospective consents  to be granted after completion, with no guarantee of success, or at worst prosecution incurring fines, court costs, compensation and the conservatory being totally removed. Remember that the cost to put back as original, could be astronomical, that’s without the cost already incurred on product, materials and installation.

We have all read about prosecutions and conservatories being removed, don’t let it be you we read about next  !!

I have tried to break this down as a simple outline guide covering most of the permissions that could be required.