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This article may appear long winded, but do surveyors really understand all the consents which could be required for a conservatory installation, it’s not only planning consents that are required. The laws are there to protect us all! Would you like to be prosecuted and on top of it all loose a fortune. Would you like to live next to an eyesore!

The majority of the general public are under the impression that you don’t need planning for a conservatory, but it is not only the planning consents you need to look at.

You need to remember that these consents are law and if ignored can mean,  at best the headache of applying for retrospective consents  to be granted after completion, with no guarantee of success, or at worst prosecution incurring fines, court costs, compensation and the conservatory being totally removed. Remember that the cost to put back as original, could be astronomical, that’s without the cost already incurred on product, materials and installation.

We have all read about prosecutions and conservatories being removed, don’t let it be you we read about next  !!

I have tried to break this down as a simple outline guide covering most of the permissions that could be required.